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CBVA has more than 100 members from around the world. We are based at the beautiful Coogee Beach, Sydney. We organize tournaments, training, and events for all our members and the community.

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CCA Travel Agency
Create a special way of life full of vitality and fun… feel the spirit of teamwork, fight to win, but learn to lose!

Celebrate The Sport – your reliable travel business partner for more than 15 years:

… for your ” individual” tailor-made sports tour
… international sports exchange and challenge
… meeting different teams and nations!

We organize individual sports tours, training camps, and tournament participations for:

– Travel Teams
– High School, College and University Teams
– Club Teams
– Junior and Youth Teams
– Selected Teams

+ info was founded in 2005 by enthusiastic beach volley amateurs.

Today we have more than 1000 registered users and is the #1 beach volley portal in Austria. We offer lots of news, information and free services around our favorite sport.

We support amateur events all over Austria – and of course, the BVAW-Tour, maintain a countrywide beach court database and have thousands of beach volley-pics in our gallery. is non-profit and fully run by volunteers. See you.

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Cumuruxtiba Beach Volley Center
For the fans of beach volleyball, Cumuruxtiba Beach Volley Center is the opportunity to discover a bit of Brazil, its wonderful beaches, the hospitality of a warm-hearted village, which lives in the carefreeness of a tropical climate.

A total change of scenery and continuous contact with nature is associated with the practice of your favorite sport.

Beginner or experienced player, they guarantee you an exciting and progressive experience.

They organize tournaments, trainings and events for all our members and the community.

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Croatia (Odbojka na pijesku = Beach Volleyball) is an online community website about beach volleyball established in 2008th in Croatia. Our only goal is to promote beach volleyball in our country and region.

From its foundation until the present day is the first and only website that deals with beach volleyball in Croatia.

The website was first intended only for users of Croatia, but because of its originality people in the whole region of former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, BiH) have begun to use the website.

Today, this website has over 2,000 active visitors with a tendency to grow. On this website, anyone can easily publish his personal profile, pictures, video clips, write a blog…mostly everything that is related to beach volleyball.

We write articles about our national tournaments, SWATCH FIVB World Tour, AVP Crocs Tour, about players, methods of training and everything that is related to beach volleyball.

One of our main goals is to participate in the organization of the tournaments in order to popularize one of the most attractive modern sports.

All our work is purely voluntary, and everything that we do is because of our love for this sport.

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CSV Beach Volley
It’s a Beach Volleyball structure in Paris that organizes training, tournaments, and events. The only purpose is the Beach Volleyball development.

Accro des tournois
Accro des tournois est un portail d’échanges et de communication entre organisateurs et participants de tournois de Volley-ball.

En tant que joueur vous y retrouvez de nombreuses compétitions de Volley-ball que vous pouvez commenter et évaluer. Si le tournoi que vous cherchez n’apparaît pas, signalez-le à la communauté et enrichissez ainsi l’annuaire!

En tant qu’organisateur, vous pouvez faire connaître votre événement Volley-ball, faciliter vos pré-inscriptions, bénéficier du retour des joueurs ou leur communiquer les informations d’après-tournoi : photos, résultats…

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Italy is the Italian portal of information about Italian and worldwide beach volleyball. The only space dedicated to the best summer sport with direct reports from camps and from the foreign correspondents, which are often the same players, is called the “Diaries of beaches”. promotes professional activities with the same pleasure which promotes local and amateur circuits, even indoors.

We seek to enrich the news with technical interviews, technical sections, design, tour guides about the places that host tournaments and many initiatives such as competitions, games, and the latest interactive possibilities of Web 2.0.

The community is redirected to partner sites specializing in social-networking services like or to the regional tournaments circuit.
We do not forget to thank all the volunteers who write with dedication and professionalism.


Beach Volleyball
“The reference portal of Beach Volleyball in Italy and worldwide. News, tournaments, rankings, curiosities and much more online.”

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Roma Beach Tour
Thanks to a good relationship with many athletes of the regional and national tournaments, from the passion of beach volley, party on the beach and celebrate together all-new summer, here comes “Roma beach tour”.

From an idea of Antonio Carlucci e GermanoPomili, beach volley players since 2004, the cooperation began in 2010 and the movement has grown exponentially in the last four years, with new locations, new partnerships and new tournaments!

Roma Beach Tour is on Facebook:

Tarjei Skarlund and Martin Spinnangr are one of Norway’s Olympic hopes in beach volleyball for London 2012. They want to give away tickets and hotel accommodation (Junior Suite) at the Grand Slam in Stavanger.

We come with several prizes as the group grows, and everyone who is a member of this group will automatically be included in the draw of these. So here it can actually pay off with more members.

PS-the “main” drawing will take place on 14 June, but some minor drawings will be announced!

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Asociación Icaria de Voley Playa
La Asociación Icaria de Voley Playa está formada por chicos y chicas de todas partes del mundo que se reúnen en la playa de Nova Icaria, junto al puerto olímpico de Barcelona, todo el año.

En el año 2005 hemos recibido el reconocimiento de la Generalitat de Catalunya como entidad deportiva sin fines de lucro.

Todo nació hace ya varios años cuando un grupo de amigos nos comenzamos a organizar en esta querida playa para jugar al voley, venciendo los prejuicios de muchos “grupos cerrados” que no dejan jugar a nadie que no sea de su grupo.

Nosotros estamos orgullosos de jugar en la playa cuyo nombre evoca tantas buenas ideas.

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Playa Club Esportiu El Péndulo

Playa Club Esportiu El Péndulo is the beach volleyball club of Castelldefels (Barcelona), with 7 permanent courts, 2 dressing rooms and the ability to build more than 20 portable courts.

For over 10 years we have organized our own tournaments, also for companies or groups.

Among them is the prestigious 4×4 tournament with 25 courts Voleiboom, which annually hosts about 1,000 participants from all over, mostly Spanish but also increasingly foreign teams.

The great success of this 4×4 tournament is a large number of games and especially the great atmosphere we breathe day and night, with dinner and the subsequent massive night route of bars in the area.

Por otro lado, hace ya más de 5 años que el club arrancó con una escuela de voley playa amateur y actualmente cuenta con más de 60 personas que de marzo a noviembre entrenan con diferentes objetivos en función del nivel en que se encuentran.

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Barcelona Beach Volleyball Club

This Beach Club has initiated Beach Volley’s academy in Barcelona in 2004. With physical headquarters in the INEF Barcelona, it possesses stable groups of training for adults all year-round distributed in four different levels.

The artificial facilities placed inside this Olympic building (the sports university) allow the practice of the Beach Volley until 22 a.m. On weekends, the club moves the trainings to the beach to practice his sport in natural conditions.

Directed by the player and licensed in physical education, Susana Vega, the technical body of the club is completed by Mireia Muntañà, Albert Fornés y Andrei Caro, resident players in Barcelona that combine their passion for this sport with many doses of patience and a charming character.

Barcelona Beach Volleyball Academy is the name of the school since the Barcelona Beach Club also organizes beach events and advises technically to local, national and international competitions. To contact us: / Facebook group: Barcelona Beach Volleyball Club.


The organizer of beach volleyball activities in Italy since 1993. Actually about 1000 visitors to the Cesenatico camps per year. Coordination of all activities between the partners.

Expanding possibilities for training and competitions for young players in Cesenatico.

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