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Amateur tournaments

The most amusing tournaments in different categories 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 male, female and mixed.

The competitions are open to everyone. Even if you don’t have a team or need players, you can participate by contacting through our app with other people with the same needs.

The tournaments are part of the International Amateur Circuit BVAW-FIVB (Beach Volley Around the World).

Professional training camps

The BVAW structures have been chosen by the best athletes of the F.I.V.B World Tour for their pre-season training.

Amateur camps

Tenerife, Mallorca, and the Italian coasts are the venues for our all-year amateur camps. You can come with your sporting group or with your friends for a different vacation.

Participante del training Bvaw entrenando con una pelota de 5kg.

Lets create a better world!

Meetings and exhibitions with the purpose of charity

To us, the occasion of a big meeting is an important time also to help those who spend their own lives and time trying to improve the conditions of many children in extreme poverty situations and in constant danger.

Foundation Mission Bambini is an independent organization working all over the world with important support projects and programs in the forgotten areas of the planet.

The childhood violated by wars, hunger, and diseases must be fought by all of us with active support, with the spreading of a peace and tolerance culture and, above all, in the emergency, through the participation in the economic support programmes of reliable and competent organizations.

To take part in our activities means to know, even in a moment of happiness and entertainment, what is going on not far from our peace.

Let’s keep connected!

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