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Let’s Beach Volley all year long!

Beach Volley Around the World is a worldwide sports organization that promotes the development of beach volleyball through the creation of an institutional point of referent and through the organization of events, camps and other activities at the most appropriate locations to practice this exceptional sport.


United by a common passion

The staff is composed of women and men united by their common passion for beach volleyball, with a new and big idea about how to do sport, through the creation of traveling amateur events in which everybody could join, always respecting the principles of friendship, solidarity and tolerance that represent the fundamental pillars of the whole organization.

Joining our movement means to participate in great tournaments, to have the opportunity to travel a lot at a low cost but above all know boys and girls, men and women around the world who share the same passion for beach volleyball.


Inspired by the Olympics values

BVAW in all of its actions is inspired by the Olympic principles and is committed to promoting them in all of its events. We believe that the practice of a sport is a human right and every individual should have the opportunity to practice, without any kind of discrimination and with the Olympic spirit, which requires reciprocal understanding, friendship, solidarity and loyalty in the competitions.


Creating a better world

BVAW is actively committed also with the fund’s collection to assign to the biggest and more important independent organization for the defense of the children all around the world, Foundation Mission Bambini, to which goes all of our admiration for the fundamental contribution given for many years to benefit the childhood in the poorest areas of the planet.

Testimonials of our organization and the events we make are beach volley world level athletes, the champions from the World Tour, who will be present in the meetings with exhibitions and participating in the parties that always come with our summer evenings.

To offer the best accommodation rates to all the associates we have made agreements with hotels, restaurants and tour operators in order to obtain the best prices on the market.

BVAW is a life experience!

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